Jaws’s Concept

Fresh Sushi, The Healthy Choice

The trend toward healthy eating choices grows with each passing year. Sushi is the original health food and continues to grow in popularity with the nutrition conscious diner.

The Jaws commitment to freshness and quality is truly unique; this difference shines through in each of our menu items. While other Take Away Shops or Supermarkets may cut corners extending best-before-dates or stocking yesterday’s Sushi today, at Jaws you will find only the best. Our sushi is produced throughout the day and you can be certain leftovers will never make their way to our shelves.

The Jaws Logo

The handwritten J featured in the Jaws logo was crafted by our company president in the traditional Japanese Calligraphy Art.

This J represents much more than the Jaws Restaurant Group or The Japanese Sushi Arts we further.

From this basic symbol we draw a much deeper meeting.

It carries with it the 3 pillars of our culinary philosophy:

We adhere to these distinct principles, as they form the basis for our past, current, and future business.